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Welcome to my site!

I hope you enjoy my videos. Don’t forget to click on “Load More Works” in the bottom left corner to see all of the projects when you’re in the Portfolio section. You can find my contacts in the links above and below “Resume” and/or “Filmography”.

Here is a bit about me: I have worked in the film industry since 2001 with a particular focus on lighting. I have, for example, worked with the Berlin lighting group “The Flying Lights”, a very talented group of gaffers who do high quality projects from all over the world. For me it was the perfect collaboration to learn from those Masters of Light. “The Flying Lights” set the bar for my perception and creation of shadow and light for my visual career. But that was just the beginning: other conferences and workshops, such as the Cinematography Masterclass in Budapest, with Master DP Vilmos Zsigmond A.S.C. (Black Dahlia, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Deer Hunter etc.) continued to shape my skills in Cinematography. One of my favourite aspects about creating the visuals is how to use lighting, how to enhance and shape it, in order to create the atmosphere and the mood that fits best for each individual project. All in the service of story telling, be it fiction or documentary. My latest Coup de coeur is the documentary “The Long Way Home”, directed by the talented Aisha Jamal and Ariel Nasr. It was part of the 2017 Hot Docs special program “In the Name of All Canadians”. Hot Docs commemorated Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation with the commissioning of “In the Name of All Canadians”, a compilation of six short documentaries inspired by Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In “The Long Way Home” mobility rights come into question when the Canadian Government denies re-entry to a Sudanese-born Canadian after false allegations of terrorism. Click here to watch this trailer.

I’m based in Montreal, even though travel feels natural after all those years. I’m also a filmmaker and, together with my husband and sound engineer Emory Murchison, we started our company “Hot Smoked Pictures” in 2008. So far, we have produced award-winning short films such as “Cry Baby” and the documentary “Musically Medicated”.

My work as a Director of Photography and filmmaker was nominated and awarded “Best Cinematography & Best Lighting” as well as “Best Film” on several occasions, for example, “Les Prix Gemeaux” ( Gemini Awards from the Canadian TV and Film Academy in Québec), “Brooklyn Film Festival KidsFilmFest” and the “Montreal World Film Festival”. For a full list of awards and nominations please see my Résumé.

I also have experience in teaching film-making to younger students for example at the non-profit organisation “Wapikoni Mobile” where I had fun with indigenous teenagers and kids. One of my favourite fruits of my labor during that period, is the movie “La Liberation du Coeur” (Liberation of the Heart) directed by Stephen Chilton, a native artist who lives in Wemotaci, (a French and Atikamekw native community north of La Tuque, Quebec), who plays the saxophone! My work has been shown all over the globe in festivals and on TV, so feel free to browse around.

All the best,



My latest Cinematography nominations are:

-“Défier la Magie” a TV series which was nominated “Best Cinematography” at Les Prix Gemeaux, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television in Québec 2015

-“Maîtres de L’illusion : au-dela de la Magie” a documentary, nominated “Best Documentary: Culture” at Les Prix Gemeaux, Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television in Québec 2014

Some of my awards as filmmaker and director include:

-nominated “Best First Time Documentary Director” for Musically Medicated at Les Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois 2014

-won “Audience Choice” at Brooklyn Film Festival KidsFilmFest 2012 for Cry Baby New York

-won “Best Of Brooklyn Film Festival KidsFilmFest 2014” for Cry Baby New York

-won “Best Documentary” for Sugarmakers at Regina Student Film and Video Festival Saskatchewan, 2007

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