Cry Baby

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Category: Director, Fiction

Jan 2014

Production Company: Hot Smoked Pictures

Tech Specs: 5D Mark II

Director: Gabi Kislat

“Cry Baby” is a short film about a baby’s nightmare. In that nightmare, the baby (who is btw my 5 months old daughter Naëla) flies a pink motorbike and gets chased by a monster. Anyway, it’s her dream, not mine, but I made her dream into a movie.


WON Audience Award “Brooklyn Film Festival Kidsfilmfest” 2012

WON Audience Award “Kino 00 Montreal” Juin 2011

Invited to “Best of Brooklyn Film Festival Kidsfilmfest” screening 2014

Film Festivals:

”International Veask Buddhist Film Festival”, Light of Asia Foundation, Sri Lanka, 5/2013
-”Chesapeake Film Festival”, Easton, Maryland, 9/2012
-”Rail City Roadshow Film Festival”, Montreal & Stanstead 9/2012
-”KidsFilmFest” of the “Brooklyn International Film Festival”, N.Y., 6/2012
-”Desert Rocks Film Festival”, Desert Rocks, California 5/2012
-”SENE Film Music Arts Festival”, Providence, USA 4/ 2012
-”Les Rendez-vous du Cinema Quebecois”, Montreal 2/2012
-”Fantasia Film Festival”, Montreal 8/2012
-”Lessons in the Dark” of the “World Kids International Film Festival”, World Kids Foundation, several cities in India, 2012
-”180 Micro Cinema Film Festival”, online film festival, Philippines, 1-5/2012
-”Kino 00 Montreal” screening 6/2011