Musically Medicated

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Category: Director, Documentary

Jan 2014

Production Company: Hot Smoked Pictures in association with the National Film Board

Tech Specs: HVX 200, 5D Mark II, Animation, Elmo-cam (lipstick camera), Mini-DV

Director: Gabi Kislat

Film Festivals:

World Premiere: Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival 2013,

Nominated “Best First Time Documentary” at Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québecois 2014 (Montreal Premiere)


Editors: Tamara Sherbak, Rose Normandin & Gabi Kislat

Animation: David Baril, Marc-Antoine Réhel

Sound: Emory Murchison

Music: Robbie Tucker & Emory Murchison


Since the age of six Robbie has been driven by music . After his mother died he has lived and breathed it. All that is snatched away when he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 28. His problems spiral out of control as he struggles to find his new normal. Isolated by his condition and addicted to his medication Robbie is alone fighting poverty, pills and Parkinson’s.

This is my 1. feature length film which I started shooting in 2008. I finished the film in 2013.

Supported by:

Conseils des Arts et des Lettres, Canada Council, NFB – ACIC program, Entreprise Videoservice, Cinéfilms & Video Productions, BAM Productions


“I absolutely loved that film! It generated a wide range of emotions in me—it’s powerful and beautifully put together.
The honesty of it was fantastic—and it flowed seamlessly from scene to scene.”
– Gord Carley, author of ‘Surviving Adversity: living with Parkinson’s disease’

“Through the eyes of a young musician, diagnosed with Parkinson, the documentary “Musicaly Medicated” follows him into the dark and trembling soul of the disease where he tries to cope with the loss of the ability to control his body and mind. We experience the transformation of a young man into a new life, where medication is the only way to live. Filled with great photography, heartfelt music and space for interpretation, Gabi Kislat, made a sensitive and respectfull documentary where she takes the viewer sofly by the hand and guides him trough the unexplored waters of this tabued disease. This documentary will echo in your head.”

-Ben Scharf, writer, director